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Jeremy Hoffman, MS, MICP, NRP, EMT-I

Jeremy Hoffman began his career with EMS Consultants in January 2022.  He started in emergency services at the age of 15 when he joined his local EMS organization & Fire Departments as a junior member. Earning his EMT and Firefighter 1 certification in 2007 & 2009 respectively, Jeremy served in various functions and positions within his EMS organization and assumed an operations function just prior to the arrival of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Since then, Jeremy has held multiple operations positions including 6 years as a Chief officer within a high-volume EMS system. In 2014, Jeremy earned his national registry paramedic certification, worked for several MICU programs throughout the state, and currently serves as a paramedic preceptor and skills instructor. In addition, he has earned American Heart Association, NAEMT instructor certifications, as well as the NJ EMT instructor certification. He is an active instructor within those disciplines.  

Jeremy’s education includes a Master of Administrative Sciences from Fairleigh Dickenson University, his bachelor’s from the same, and an associate degree in Social Sciences from Brookdale Community College. Jeremy is currently continuing his education by pursuing a Master of Business Administration at Southern New Hampshire University. Jeremy continues to oversee the delivery of EMS in his hometown as well as serving as an active fire officer. Jeremy married his wife in October of 2020. Together, they plan to stay in the area and grow their family.