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Aaron Friedman, EMT-B

Aaron Friedman started with EMS Consulting Services in January 2012 as an Associate Consultant and EMS Instructor. Prior to his appointment as Associate Consultant for EMS Consulting Services,he served as a Full Time Lieutenant for the Montclair Ambulance Unit with responsibilities for personnel training, emsCharts administrator, creating policies, procedures and employee handbooks. He is responsible for implementing and conducting new hire orientation. He has also held positions responsible for Maintenance,Supply & Inventory and Membership Recruitment.‚Äč

In 2003, Aaron went to Israel to work as a paramedic for the year. While in Israel, Aaron was involved in the relief efforts of several terrorist attacks, through this experience Aaron learned different approaches to the ICS system and was able to see the ICS system in some of its finest and worst moments Aaron comes to the position with over 12 years of prior experience in emergency services. Aaron brings with him his professional background, along with his EMS experience in hopes to sharing his  different approaches to EMS.