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EMS Consulting Services has offered EMS, Fire and Police agencies solutions to their challenges since 2006. Founded by Chuck McSweeney , EMS Consulting Services is a nationwide consulting firm focused on providing high quality consulting assistance to all agencies of the Public Safety community and emergency management institutions in the areas of; corporate strategy, organizational analysis, operations and project management, communication and information technology.

EMS Consulting Services delivers solutions through hands-on, personalized service. We offer our clients support and solutions to simple and complex issues. We believe in partnering with our clients every step of the way to provide them with the evaluation, planning, design, and implementation of high quality, cost-effective solutions.

EMS Consulting Services possess strong capabilities and broad experience assisting clients in assessing their current environment, formulating new and creative tactical and strategic alternatives, and implementing positive change. Our staff is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive emergency and technology management experience.

Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement

EMS Consulting Services is dedicated to helping EMS agencies provide high quality services for the reduction of morbidity and mortality.  This is accomplished by providing educational programs for management teams and quality clinical education programs to crew members.


Vision Statement

EMS Consulting Services is a diverse community of professionals that have dedicated their careers for the success of all areas of Emergency Services.   EMS Consulting Services is committed to becoming a leader among professional emergency medical organizations. This is accomplished by our knowledge, attitudes, and skills. These environments will be cooperative, interactive, rigorous, and responsive to the needs of our diverse clients.


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Customer Testimonials

Working with EMS Consulting Services proved to be an efficient and relatively painless process. We sensed that we would get a very strong process and framework and that it would be handled in a structured and professional way. I was very impressed with the trainer's thoroughness and professionalism. Before the training session, he spent several hours with our staff learning our processes and procedures so he could tailor the course materials and presentation to our specific needs. The result: a training session that covered exactly what we needed in order to improve our employee’s skill set.

One of the attractions for me of working with EMS consulting Services is that they have a very similar mind-set in terms of bringing value to the organization.


William Bringas

Operations Supervisor

West New York EMS