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Medical Oversight

Since the introduction of EMS Consulting Services in December 2006, we have been providing guidance and assistance to multiple EMS, fire and police organizations to allow them to succeed.  EMSCS believes that an important part of a successful EMS agency is to have strong physician involvement.  Emergency medical services as a profession has always been a physician driven system; so it would only make sense for EMSCS to have physicians licensed by the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners as part of our team.

Physician involvement with EMS agencies provide them with an opportunity to grow while providing support to staff and patients.  EMS agencies continue to struggle with the development of new programs including the development of their staff.  We need to rely on physicians for guidance and improvements to our system design as an industry.  

‚ÄčThis is something EMS Consulting Services can help with you!  See how our physicians can help.

Level 1 Oversight

This is our entry level option for physician oversight. This level meets the expectation of the New Jersey Department of Health while providing basic advice on policies released by DHSS and provides guidance on state treatment protocols.  Review all service operational polices as they relate to patient care. 

Provide guidance to department leadership on current medical issues including EpiPen & Narcan administration and review of AED cardiac arrest cases.  We believe that this is the minimal expectation of any department looking for medical direction.  There is no education provided in this tier and is specific to BLS providers.

Level 2 Oversight

Tier 2 is our intermediate level option for physician oversight.  Agencies are provided with the basic options plus additional education services for the use of the EpiPen and Narcan administration.  This tier includes random 10% of chart review for quality assurance.  QA parameters are dynamic and can include, any BLS intervention, ALS cancels and can focus on quarterly reviews audits. 

For example, quality assurance is completed Q1 on trauma, then Q2 on cardiac, Q3 on refusals and then ending with Q4 with respiratory.  The QA is without metrics only recommendations for habitual errors noted with recommendations for training.  We will provide physician guidance as neede

Level 3 Oversight

Tier 3 is the highest level option for physician oversight.  At this level EMSCS will complete a random review of 25% of all charts that are completed through a peer review CQI Process that will be developed and customized for your agency.  EMSCS will develop patient care metrics that include statistics such as care related topics, response/scene times, and documentation issues. 

EMSCS will conduct two (2) hour continuing education sessions selected from the course catalog and will serve as a liaison with medical community and other organizations and provide guidance to department leadership on current medical issues